I Love My Family Frame

Get crafty this Valentine’s Day with this easy-to-make yarn heart frame!

What You Need:

Cardboard, wooden lollipop sticks, paint, yarn, tape, scissors, glue gun

Step 1

Cut out a heart shape from a piece of cardboard.

Step 2

Attach the end of some yarn with tape to the back of the heart.

Step 3

Then, begin wrapping the yarn around the cardboard. It doesn’t have to be fully covered by the yarn, but once you’re done, tie it off to another length of yarn in a different colour.

Step 4

When wrapping the yarn around, ensure that you tie it off on the back side of the heart. Cut off any excess yarn left over from tying them together.

MDF Heart

Step 5

The end result should look similar to this, though you can continue to add as many colours as you like.

MDF Heart

Step 6

Now for the frame. Gather your 9 wooden lollipop sticks, two for the top, left and right sides, and three for the bottom.

MDF Heart

Step 7

Carefully paint your sticks in whatever colours you like. Two or more different colours are good for variety, but make sure to paint both sides of the sticks.

MDF Heart

Step 8

Next, glue the sticks in an interlaced pattern, with a top stick at the back, followed by one of the sides, then the other top stick with the other two sides. This part is a bit difficult so take your time in arranging how they fit together before gluing them.

MDF Heart

Step 9

Once the top and sides are all glued down, you should be able to slide the last three sticks at the bottom into the frame. Secure these ones with glue and you’ll have the finished frame.

MDF Heart

Step 10

Finally you can assemble the final piece. Attach the heart to the frame with some yarn so it hangs from the frame. Once done, you can either write on the bottom three sticks or glue a piece of coloured card before doing so. And there you have it! Your very own Valentine’s family frame, ready to be hung up anywhere.

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