How To Cross-Stitch

Learn how to make Make a yarn cross-stitch tag, bookmark, decoration or coaster with these easy instructions.


What You Need:


Practice cross-stitch panel, needle, scissors, yarn or thread, plastic cross-stitch panel, paper, and coloured pencils or markers.

Step 1

Thread the needle using a piece of yarn the length of your arm, this makes it easier to handle and tie a knot in the end to stop it pulling all the way through when you are stitching.

Step 2

Begin in the hole the top left of your panel. From front to back insert your needle and then back to front to in to the whole down and to the right to make a stitch like this: \

Step 3

Repeat all the way along the first row. This is a half cross-stitch and is great for finishing of an edge.

Step 4

Move down and make another row. We will be going in the opposite direction. Finish to the end.

MDF Heart

Step 5

Here we will be making our full cross-stitch. Start on the top left and cross over your previous stitch. Do this until the end. You will have a row of x’s.

MDF Heart

Step 6

on the next line below begin your row. Make sure that if the under side is pointing one way (left to right here) that the next row matches. This keeps it neat.

MDF Heart

Step 7

When you have a block of colour do this all at once moving down the panel

MDF Heart

Step 8

Count how many stitches that block of colour makes and once done start filling in the next colour. Each stitch is 4 holes.

MDF Heart

Step 9

For a single stitch (like you would use with eyes) Make an x like you would on your last stitch of a row.

MDF Heart

Step 10

To sew in your thread. Bring it to the back and run it under some of your stitches

MDF Heart

Step 11

Then go back through last stitch and tie a knot

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