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Grateful Heart

This lovely door hanger was a gift for a very dear friend of mine. She loves handmade things and I wanted to make her something she could hang up in her kitchen which has lots of yellows in it. I love the heart-shaped MDF piece at it’s so versatile and I chose to pair it with some bright flowers, twine, and some simple texture pieces.

What You Need:

– Wooden Heart – Acrylic paints (I chose white and purple) – Cardboard – Patterned papers – Small artificial flowers and springs -Doily – Twine – Printed ‘Thank You’ – Gems – Roving – Yellow ribbon – Hot glue gun

Step 1

I painted the heart white and when it was really dry I used a very small amount of purple to dry brush the heart. I focused more on the edges than the middle to achieve a more ‘aged’ look.

Step 2

For dry brushing, use the smallest amount of paint and a course, dry brush (I like using old kiddies brushes). I like to put a little paint on the corner of a piece of cardboard and lightly dab my brush in.

Focus on areas where there would naturallu be wear and tear, to give an authentic look. Build up the colour until you’re happy with the effect.

Step 3

I ripped up a piece of cardboard to act like a base for my flowers to sit on, playing with the size and shape. I ripped some of the top layer of the cardboard so it exposed the corrugated card underneath. I then painted it white and added a little dry brushing.

Step 4

I mixed a little purple paint to the white and painted the doily. It was a very subtle lavender.

MDF Heart

Step 5

I choose some papers that would work with my overall idea and complement the lovely yellow flowers I picked.

MDF Heart

Step 6

I made the flowers by cutting out 3 different sized circles from the paper. Cut a wavy spiral into the middle of the circle, leaving a tab at the end that will be a based to glue the flower. Roll the paper into itself. Once I got to the tab, I put some hot glue across the inside of the spirals I created and then pressed them into the tab so the flower has a base that holds the shape of the flower.

To finish the flowers, I glued some beads/gems of a small, rolled piece of roving into the centres.

MDF Heart

Step 7

I stuck a portion the doily onto the edge of the heart. I trimmed with scissors when dry and sanded with a nail file to get a smooth edge.

MDF Heart

Step 8

I cut 5 lengths of twine and secured the ends at the back of the heart where the doily is. I secured them diagonally at the other end of the heart and glued the dried cardboard base on top to hide the ends.

I also glued twine all around the edge of the heart.

MDF Heart

Step 9

then played around with placing my paper flowers, artificial flowers, leaves and springs. Once I was happy with the placing, I secured them all with the glue gun. To finish the bouquet I teased out some purple natural wool roving and placed whisps of it around the posy.

MDF Heart

Step 10

To finish I printed out the ‘Thank You’ and glued it to a piece of patterned paper I had used in the flowers. I glued this to the twine.

MDF Heart

Step 11

When everything was dry and secure, I popped a yellow ribbon on to finish.

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