Fabric Happy Sun

This no sew fabric happy sun is great for small hands. With scrap fabrics and some tying create this lovely ornament!


What You Need:


Scrap fabric, scissors, markers and toy stuffing.

Step 1

Cut two circular pieces of fabric the same size. Draw a smaller circle inside of each. A cup and a plate are great stencils for these

Step 2

With a pen mark evenly all the way around.

Step 3

Cut the lines that you drew previously down to the inner circle. These are going to be your tabs for tying.

Step 4

Start tying both sides together with two knots so they hold well.

MDF Heart

Step 5

When you have made about three ties, bring your fabric around so that one is on top of the other.

MDF Heart

Step 6

Keep tying until you have a small space left.

MDF Heart

Step 7

Stuff with toy stuffing, tie another two and add some more toy stuffing. Poke in with a pen. You want it firm.

MDF Heart

Step 8

Finish tying all tabs.

MDF Heart

Step 9

Draw a face on either side using markers

MDF Heart

Step 10

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