Egg Carton Flower Wreath

This easy-peasy craft makes the best out of a plain old egg carton. Add some paints, a few gems and hey-presto you have a lovely wreath to give as a gift or hang up at home.

What You Need:

– Empty egg cartons – Acrylic paints – Cardboard – Patterned paper – Pipe cleaners – Gems – Buttons – Ribbon – Strong glue

Step 1

Using scissors or a craft knife cut out the ‘wells’ of the egg carton, so they form ‘heads’ of the flowers. The pointy bits can be cut out too and cut down to form petals. They might all look a bit rough but when you shape them later and paint them, they’ll look great.

Step 2

You can cut and shape the flowers a little at this stage to form different shapes of flowers. I cut then roughly first, knowing I would tidy them up after I would paint them.

Paint them all the colours of the rainbow!

Step 3

Use the lid of the egg carton to cut out leaf shapes and little strips to make blades of grass. On the large, flat piece of cardboard draw around a big plate to make a circle. Draw around a smaller plate inside the big circle and cut out the middle so you have a ring.

Paint the leaves, blades of grass and ring. I used a few shades of green to give more interest and texture.

Step 4

When the flowers were dry, I cut them up some more to tidy them and to form rounded petals. I also used buttons, gems, pipe cleaners and left-over cardboard to create colourful centres for each flower.
MDF Heart

Step 5

I then arranged all my flowers, leaves and grasses onto the ring. I played around with the placement until I was happy. I glued everything using a glue gun but you can use strong PVA glue and leave it to dry for a few hours.
MDF Heart

Step 6

I added some ribbon so the wreath could be hung up and then some extra gems and ladybird embellishments to finish it off.

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