Colourful Snail

Learn how to make a colourful quilled snail made with card and glue

What You Need:

Coloured card, scissors, glue.

Step 1

Gather together your card, glue and scissors. Choose a light colour that’s going to be the base of your snail.

Step 2

Cut your card insto strips. Cut out a round for the snail shell and a bilky “L” shape for the body. Don’t forget the eye stalks and small rounds for eyes!


Step 3

Glue down the eyes and the shell onto the body. Draw the eyes and swirl for the shell.


Step 4

Begin to roll up your card. Use different lengths to get them bigger and smaller. Lay them out as you so you have an idea of how many you will need.



Step 5

Place a small dab of glue on the base of each coil and begin to glue them down starting from the outside in.



Step 6

Add a little smile and some detail and there you have an adorable colourful snail!.


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