Christmas Gnome

Create this adorable gnome christmas tree decoration!


What You Need:

Cardboard, markers, scissors, fabric scrap, yarn, string

  • Cut out a triangle of cardboard, approx. 10cm high and 6cm wide.
  • Cut a piece of fabric the same shape but add 2cm on three sides.
  • Put glue on the back of the cardboard and bring edges of fabric around. Use paper clips to hold in place when drying, or place a heavy book on top.
  • For the beard, make 2 tassels. Cut a piece of cardboard about 10 x 5cm. Wrap yarn around it longways, approx 15 times. Cut a 10cm piece of yarn and push it between the yarn and cardboard, near the top edge. Pull it tight and tie. Cut the yarn on the opposite edge so you are left with a tied tassel.
  • Glue in place at the base of the hat. Place a heavy book on top to help it adhere.
  • Stick the nose on with lots of glue and add a button on his hat. Let it dry before handling it.

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