3d Paper Aquarium

Create this 3d paper aquarium with fish, jellyfish and seaweed!


What You Need:


Cardboard, coloured card, markers, scissors,

Step 1

Fold an A4 piece of card in half and then fold the edhes over. this is to help its stand. Draw wiggly lines down the page making sure they are around 2 inches from the edge.

Step 2

Leave folded and cut along the lines.

Step 3

Open out your card. Fold every second strip backwards. Pinch the middle so the fold is in the opposite direction to the previous.

Step 4

Once folded your sheet should look like this.

MDF Heart

Step 5

To make your seaweed get to different green cards. Draw one taller then the other (3 of the tall ones and 6 of the short ones). Cut out.

MDF Heart

Step 6

Grab some scrap card in nice bright colours and draw some coral, shells and stone. Cut out.

MDF Heart

Step 7

 Draw different sorts of fish, bubbles, starfish and jelly fish on white card.

MDF Heart

Step 8

Colour in your fish with pencils or crayons.

MDF Heart

Step 9

Stick all your paper shapes on making sure to put some on the front and others on the back.

MDF Heart

Step 10

Once stuck you will have a fab 3d aquarium.

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