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Maped Infinity Colouring Pencils


Maped Infinity Colouring Pencils. THE SUPER LONG LASTING pack of 12 100% COLOURED LEAD PENCIL: The Infinity pencil is endless! Made entirely of lead, this innovative coloured pencil can be used from start to finish. As a result, it lasts 10 times longer than a standard coloured pencil, with zero waste!

YOU WILL NO LONGER NEED TO SHARPEN YOUR PENCILS: As smart as they are practical, Infinity coloured pencils self-sharpen while colouring, without leaving any shavings. You won’t ever need to look for a pencil sharpener again! Infinity pencils last much longer and are smaller than standard pencils so they are easy to store in a pencil case or on a desk.

SUPER BRIGHT COLOURS: Infinity pencils produce super bright colours and give excellent results. They also allow you to colour with the entire surface of the pencil. Perfect for budding artists, this new Maped colouring pencil will make children want to draw for hours!

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