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Join our at-home, boredom-busting craft challenge over the summer and enjoy 8 weeks of crafty craziness! Every week we launch a new craft challenge theme and goody bag. If your child is 4 years and over, nab your own spot on our ‘Craft Hero’ wall and get pics of all their creations up on it for the world to see! You can take part in as many weeks as you want!

Step 1: Sign Up

Grab a form in the shop or sign up here. You can do pay as you go for €5 any week, €17 for any 4 weeks or €35 for all 8 weeks. Choose what suits.

You can start at any time and do as many challenges as you want over the summer.

Step 2: Get Crafting

Every Wednesday (starting 3rd July) we launch the theme for the week ahead along with a new craft pack matching the theme. It will be on our Facebook page, website and every parent signed up will get an email too.

Pick up your pack at any stage that week and get crafting. Use the items in the pack and your own stash at home. Experiment, be creative and think outside the box. Do it with friends, family or on your own – whatever takes your fancy!

You don’t have to use all or anything from the pack – just stick loosely to the theme.

Step 3: Show & Tell

Every Friday and Saturday we’ll have our camera ready to take snaps of your child’s fabulous creations – so bring them in and let them tell us how they made it!

Pictures of each craft will go up on our Craft Heroes’ wall outside the shop – on your child’s own personal crafters page. They’ll also go on our social media – for all the world to see!

Kids can take as long as they want to do a craft – it doesn’t need to be brought back the following Friday or Saturday, any Friday or Saturday is fine.

If you can’t make it in on Friday or Saturday to show off the crafts, don’t worry. Send them in through Facebook or email (

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