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Free Pattern for our Lovely House Doorstop

We just love sharing the joy here in the craft cabin and that means when we find something really lovely to make we want you to know how to make it too! We have a free pattern for this gorgeous house doorstop, Enjoy!

Ta Da!

This house doorstop can be customised with fabric and trimming to whatever you want, gingerbread, barn, cottage or shed, it can be uniquely yours and don\’t even start me with fun on trimmings!

Tips & Tricks:

  • To add some weight put rice or sand in a sandwich bag and stuff around it, then finish up sewing.
  • Incorporate different materials like fake flowers at the windows. Roving for smoke coming out of the chimney or clay birds on the roof.
  • Use a denim fabric for a \’manlier\’ house!

We love making these and they are perfect for a gift and to use up scraps of fabric and felt. Share your pictures of your finished pieces and happy crafting!

Get the free pattern here

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