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Five Simple Spooky Crafts for Halloween

Halloween is quickly approaching us and what better way to celebrate this holiday than crafting! Below we have Five Simple Spooky Crafts for Halloween that have been tried and tested here at the Craft Cabin!

Paper Plate Flying Bat

HalloweenYou will need – two paper plates, blue and black paint, black card, a lollipop stick, googly eyes, and a gold glitter gel pen.


  1. Paint the inside of one of the two plates in blue. Paint the backside of the other plate in black.
  2. Using a pair of scissors cut into the centre of the black plate. Cut out half of the circular inside piece. Then cut the shape of the top of two hills in the other half of the inner circle.
  3.  Cut out the outline of a small house, gravestone and a bat. Stick a pair of googly eyes onto the bat and use masking tape or glue to attach the lollipop stick to the back of the bat
  4. Stick the house and gravestone on the blue plate making sure they will align with the two hills on the black plate once it is stuck on. Use your gold glitter gel pen to add stars to the blue plate and you can even add windows to the house or “RIP” to the gravestone with it!
  5. Place the lollipop stick bat on the blue plate leaving some of the stick out of the plate. This allows you to move the bat around when the craft is complete! Then, using the glue, stick on the black plate onto the blue one making sure that painted sides of both plates face you. Your Halloween craft is complete!

Bobble Bat on a cup

HalloweenYou will need – a coffee cup, black, orange and white paint. A pair of scissors, a pipe cleaner, black card, a pair of googly eyes and masking tape.


  1. Paint the coffee cup black
  2. Cut out the outline of a bat with black card and stick a pair of googly eyes onto it. Use masking tape to then attach the bat to the top of a length of pipe cleaner
  3. Paint a ghost and pumpkin to either side of the coffee cup for decoration. However, you can pick any Halloween themed ideas for this part!
  4. Now use your scissors to pierce the top of your coffee cup. Put the pipe cleaner into this and twist the excess pipe cleaner inside the cup to prevent it from falling out

Day of the Dead paper plate Sugar Skulls

HalloweenYou will need – A pair of scissors, a paper plate, and markers.


  1. Cut out around the flat circular centre of the plate but leave some of the ribbed outer side of the plate [this part will be the jaw of the skull]
  2. Use your markers to design the skull, lots of colours and patterns are most commonly used to decorate sugar skulls!

Crafty Chokers

You will need – A glue gun, greaseproof paper and paint

  1. Use your glue gun to make a design across the greaseproof paper and allow it to dry.
  2. Once dry peel it off the greaseproof paper and paint.
  3. Using your glue gun, stick to small lengths of ribbon to both ends of the choker. Make sure it is long enough to allow you to tie the choker.

Spooky Embroidered Ghosts

HalloweenYou will need – A needle and embroidery thread, scissors, white fabric, black marker, a polystyrene sphere, string and a thumbtack.

  1. Cut the outside of the white fabric in uneven ragged shapes. Then embroider the outline of random pieces using chain stitch.
  2. Place the centre of the fabric over the polystyrene sphere and stick into place with the thumbtack.
  3. Use your black marker to add eyes and a mouth to the ghost. You can then use it to add small drawings of things such as bugs and witches hats etc.
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