Away and home in the shop, we have had a lot of fun for the last few months working with three lovely and talented groups.

We do projects with lots of different types of groups like schools, carers, friends and hobby groups. If you have a group in mind contact us and we can come up with projects suited perfectly to you.

It is always exciting starting a crafting project with a class, club or group and different every time. We are so lucky to have been welcomed in to join in with some fantastic people who are passionate about having a good time and let us be a part of it.


Before Christmas, we started a 6-week course with a wonderful group in Glangelvin. We did needle felting of a robin, flower and house with part of the group and felt applique with the other. Getting to know these great ladies over the weeks and helping them learn new crafts is so rewarding, not to mention they are a hilarious and dynamic group!

Belturbet Hens Shed

In February we, once again, joined up with the Belturbet Hens Shed. We did needle felting with 25 warm and welcoming ladies. Having done projects with the hens before we knew that we were in for a fab time and they didn’t disappoint.

Watching their enthusiasm over a new craft and seeing the projects they had crafted as a result of our previous workshops is brilliant. We always love seeing what people have made and being (a small part) of their crafty experience.

Temple Michael College

The final group was the first-year class from Temple Michael College in Longford. They each made hand-sewn felt keyrings and a machine sewn phone stand. They were in for a half day workshops and it was great fun. The students were brilliant and everyone gave it they’re all.

The teachers and helpers were so fantastic. They took on a lot organising this field trip and it was a wonderful thing seeing young people learning crafting skills.

We love doing group workshops here at The Craft Cabin. Seeing people help each other, chat and craft is lovely. Crafting can be a solitary activity, the sharing of skills and just someone to chat with can make a huge difference. Don’t underestimate that even one evening out can make a huge difference for some people with busy lives or if they live alone.

Connecting over crafting is a time honoured tradition and we are honoured to be a part of it.

For more information call us on 00353 49 9527424 or email us at hello@thecraftcabin.ie

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