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Christmas ShoeBox Appeal

We are delighted to be an official drop-off centre for Team Hope\’s Christmas Shoebox Appeal! Last year Team Hope funded and assisted with community development projects in 16 countries in Africa and Eastern Europe. The Christmas Shoebox Appeal is one of their many projects.

We are now looking for our generous customers to help us get 50 boxes ready to ship out by the 9th of November! We have the flyers in-store which have the labels, donation form and info you need. Call in NOW to pick up! Every box returned to us we will add an extra craft item – crayons, stickers, colouring book etc. So leave a wee bit of space in your box!

Here\’s what you need to do:


Cover a shoe box (or box of similar size) with wrapping paper. Wrap the body of the box separately to the lid.


Decide if you are doing a box for a girl or a boy and what age it will suit. Fill in the label as appropriate.

Completely Fill

Stuff your box with goodies (make sure they are new or nearly new). Here are some suggestions, follow the 4 W\’s:

  • WASH: Soap, toothbrush, washcloth, toothpaste, comb/brush
  • WRITE: Copybooks, colouring pencils/crayons, colouring books, erasers sharpeners
  • WEAR: Socks, gloves, underwear, flip-flops,  hat, scarf
  • WOW: Toy, teddybear, skipping rope, musical instrument, sweets (in date to 04/19) stickers, ball, doll, toy car

Please do NOT include: liquids, sharp objects, chocolates, books with lots of words, scary items (war-related, Halloween, masks etc)

FREE Yarn if you\’d like to knit or crochet something! If you are filling your own box (or just want to donate to us so we can fill other boxes) we\’ll give you some yarn and a pattern if you need one!


Or an online donation of €4. Fill in the information on your flyer or drop the cash into us when you leave in your box.


Close the box with an elastic band. Don\’t seal as every box is checked for customs purposes. Drop the boxes into us by the 9th of November.

If you\’d like to get involved but don\’t feel you can make up a box, we\’d be happy to take donations and fill extra boxes from the shop. Drop your goodies and donation in!

That\’s it; easy-peasy! Looking forward to getting lots of boxes in!

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