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7 Must Have Supplies for Kids Crafting

Raindrops on roses, And whiskers on kittens … these have nothing on my favourite crafting supplies!

I have a list of 7 crafting supplies for you lovely crafters that ,as long as you have in your cupboard, the possibilities (and the entertainment) are endless.

1. Paper plates:

Totally versatile. You can cut, glue, stick and weave and still think up more crafts once thats done!

Project Inspiration: Make a BFG Dreamcatcher

Supplies: Paper Plate, feathers, yarn/string, paints, feathers, beads

2. Pegs:

Wooden pegs are fantastic for a kids crafting emergency. You can get them in lots of different sizes and the kids imaginations can just go wild while they create something fab

Project Inspiration: Butterfly

Supplies: Peg, Googly Eyes, Pipe Cleaner, Paint/ Washi Tape

3. Lollipop Sticks

What can I say. They’re a classic. Great for boys and girls and birds too! Their are lots of things you can do with the humble lollipop stick like decorating, embellishing and building and now you dont even have to eat the lollipops first (unless you want to!)

Project Inspiration: Bird Feeder

Supplies: Lollipop Sticks, Paint, Glue

4. Buttons

Not just to hold your trousers up! The great thing aboout buttons is you can choose size and colour to tailor make it to your projects.

Project Inspiration: Button Snail

Supplies: Card, CD, Pipe CLeaners, Googly Eyes, Glue, Buttons

5. Pipe Cleaners

A fun versatile craft supply that is easy on small hands and very forgiving on mistakes.

Project Inspiration: Pipe Cleaner Crown

Supplies: Pipe Cleaners, Pom-Poms.

6. Crepe Paper

It’s not just for Christmas paper chains! you can make soft and lovely decorations or experiment with suncatchers and decoupage treasure chests.

Project Inspiration: Crepe Paper Flowers

Supplies: Crepe Paper, Tape

7. PVA Glue

Glue? Check. Varnish? Check. Paint? Check. Slime? Definetely Check. Most craft projects rely on glue at some point and pva is a great waterbased option. It dries clear and washes out of clothes too and of coourse its an essential  ingredient in slime.

Project Inspiration: Fluffy Slime

Supplies: PVA, Contact Lens Solution, Shaving Cream

With these few basics you have the beginnings of some wonderful crafts for your kids but why stop there?!

Their is a wonderful world of crafting they can expore Like:

  1. Paint & Pencils: Never under-estimate the power of colouring in!
  2. Make your own Erasers, Monster & Creatures with clay
  3. Stickers
  4. Ready to go Kits

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