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5 Peppa Pig Party Ideas

5 Peppa Pig Party Ideas

If you have a Peppa Pig fan in your house, then it’s only natural you’d want to throw a themed party for them. Here are a few ideas to help you out on the best Peppa Pig party for your lovely little one!

1. Party Invitations

Party invitations can be a sure-fire way to establish the theme of the party before it even starts. So, get the kids excited with some printed party templates, or even encourage them to draw up their own!

2. Pig Snout Cups

Pig snout cups are so easy to make, just get some pink paper cups and draw on some nostrils on the bottom. They’ll get a laugh as people raise their cups to take a sip.

3. “Muddy” Chocolate Milkshakes

One thing Peppa Pig loves is playing in the mud, so bring some of that into the party by making up some “muddy” chocolate milkshakes for the kids to drink.

4. Party Activities

There’s a wide variety of party activities you can apply a Peppa Pig theme to, such as pin the tail on Peppa, a treasure hunt for iconic items from the show, or even musical chairs to the show’s music.

5. Peppa Pig Decorations

From balloons, banners, and paper plates, there are so many Peppa Pig-themed decorations available to really tie the party together!

And there you have it! Hopefully we’ve given you some inspiration on how to throw a truly memorable Peppa Pig party for your little ones.

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