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5 Paw Patrol Party Ideas

5 Paw Patrol Party Ideas

Need some party ideas for your Paw Patrol-obsessed little ones? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here are a few totally paw-some ideas to help you throw a party your kids will love, all based around their favourite show.

1. Paw Patrol Decorations

The obvious choice for a Paw Patrol-themed party is Paw Patrol-themed decorations! Featuring the characters from the show, and the iconic colour scheme of red, blue, and yellow, it’s sure to really tie the party together.

2. Dress Up

Why not have the kids dress up with some fun thematic hats? Get some hats that relate to the different jobs of the pups on the show, such as firefighter, police officer, builder, etc. You can even customize them by gluing nameplates to the front of them!

3. Dog Bowls

This may sound a bit unorthodox, but for a dog-themed party, some dog bowls for the snacks are a perfect fit. Obviously buy some clean, new dog bowls to use!

4. Bone Shaped Cookies

Cookies are a quick and easy party snack to make and to tie in with the theme of our party, you can use a bone-shaped cookie cutter! Even better, you can get the kids to decorate them afterward with their favourite toppings.

5. Paw Print Party Favours

For the end of the party, you can give out some paw print party favour bags. You can either buy these or make your own easily with a template, or even by placing stickers on a blank bag too.

We hope we’ve given you some ideas to throw a truly spectacular Paw Patrol-themed party for your little ones!

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