The Great Craft Challenge – Julie’s Letters

Letters are a great way to make something truly personal for someone special. The 3d letters I made are so easy and you can customise them to your hearts delight, just use different fabrics, embellishments and sizes.

Here is how I made mine:

First, I cut out the letters from paper – these are my templates.

Next I pinned these templates onto the fabric I had chosen; drew around them & cut them out.  (Don’t forget to turn your template over & pin & cut out for the back of your letters! )

I also cut out strips of contrasting fabrics 5cm wide, for the gusset of the letters. (If you don’t have strips long enough, you can sew two, or even three together)

TIP – I used pinking shears to cut out my fabric letters, as I find it can be helpful when sewing around corners and prevent fraying.

Next, take a gusset strip & fold over one of the short ends, approx. 1 cm, (folding ws together)

Now pin this strip onto your fabric letter, rs together, & start sewing.

Take your time around all the corners & curves…

When you get close to where you started, you can see how much of the gusset strip to cut off – allow an overlap of 1.5 cm, plus turn over this end, as you did with the beginning.

Next, pin the opposite side of this gusset to the other letter – it’s worth pinning carefully, to get them lined up properly. Sew.

You’ll end up with a boxy letter, inside out.  Now you can turn it right side out, through the overlapped gusset. Iron the edges where gusset fabric meets main letter fabric for a crisp edge.

Stuff with toy stuffing, & voila!

Repeat for all your letters, then place on your shelf / bed/ kitchen counter / dashboard…sit back & admire!

If you would like to make your own letters here are some free patterns –
Check out Taragh’s project here and Kris’s here