Great Craft Challenge – Kris’s Letters

I love the feel of crochet so when it came to choosing my challenge medium it was a no brainer! I have seen lovely crochet alphabets on bunting but I wanted something big and bold.

Here is how I made my chunky 3d letters.

I chose 3 colours of crochet cotton and a 3mm hook. I want the stitches to be nice and tight so the stuffing wouldn’t show through.

I made two of each colour and edged them with the cream. This is for the front and the back of the letter.

Next I made the gusset. I counted around the C and crochet 6 rows of double crochet.

To attach them i lay the front and gusset ws to ws so there would be a ridge. When i made it all the way around this happened! Too short!

Okay, plan B.

I made an extra bit here, crochet it in along the top and sewed the two edges down.

Attaching the back is a little bit more awkward. You don’t want to have the letter skewed so mark your edge on the front piece and then follow the diagonal of the line down towards you find your other edge.

You want to match the edge of your bottom piece with the the bottom of the red line.

Once that was done and I worked my way around. 3dc in each corner and decrease 3 in the one inside corner. I stuffed as I went and sewed up the opening left in the gusset.

For the second letter I added 20 stitches to the length and did 6 rows.

It worked!

Ok a little bit long but I’ll take it. The second time around it was much easier.

I attached the front then the back (making sure to line up my corners) and stuffed as I went.

Their we have it. Two cuddly soft letters for displaying on your wall or snuggling at night.

If you would like to make your own letters here are some free patterns –
Check out Taragh’s project here and Julie’s here