Craft Challenge Corkboard

Great Craft Challenge – Mini Notice Boards

1: Begin by stamping your fabric. I used normal acrylic paint in “Forest Green” here since this won’t be washed but you can use fabric paint. Using a dry brush lightly coat your stamp. Do this every-time you make a new impression.

2: Cut circles out of your fabrics slightly bigger than your corkboard.

3. To glue, do the top than the bottom. left then right etc. This keeps the tension even.

4. Once you have all three boards covered it is time to make the pocket. Lay your board on top of a piece of fabric and cut a semi-circle. Keep in mind that you will be folding down the top so leave a bit extra.

5. Turn down the top about an inch and glue in place. Glue the pocket to the back of your board.

If you like you can glue a ribbon across the top of the pocket to decorate.

Well done! we have three boards made.

Now to make tacks.

6. Get your brads, using a pliers gently press back and forward the spikes so that they break off. Glue gun these on to a thumb tack.

7. Glue a piece of ribbon on to the back of each to hang. You can add a bit of metal behind one of them for magnets, add a string to put pegs on or even some chalkboard fabric.


p.s check out Taragh’s and Julie’s craft challenges for some more inspiration and tips

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