Between a Sock and Hard Place

Nearly everytime I mention knitting socks people seem to get flashbacks to trying to turn a heel in school or darning lessons and tears! Well, I’m here to say let the past go ’cause knitting socks is fun and very, very addictive!


If you’re not comfortable with four double pointed needles then try two regular needles. If you want a colourful sock but don’t want to be buying lots of yarn then try our fabulous 4 ply King Cole Zig Zag or StyleCraft Head Over Heels.


Whatever ever way you want it, whatever length, colour or size you can find a simple and fun way to make all your wishes come true. Your feet will thank you the second you put them on and sigh with pleasure.

So go ahead and get knitting socks and you will become addicted to both the process and the sheer comfort like the rest of us. (I’m even wearing a pair now ;D)

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